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Stock Music Library
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Stock Music Library

Stock Music, Production Music, Library Music are all terms that are used interchangeably to describe our business.  The term 'library' is used because of the broad range of musical styles and genres represented. 

UniqueTracks is a library of several thousand music recordings that can be easily licensed for use in media projects like film, television, video games, Internet streaming, phone apps, radio ad spots, music-on-hold.  A license is an agreement that gives the legal permissions necessary to be able to use the music in your production.

Licensing is easy because, unlike typical music publishers, UniqueTracks has advance permission from its composers to seek and make music licensing agreements on their behalf. UniqueTracks production music is a simple and convenient solution for media producers because we can deliver the license and the master recordings with all permissions necessary directly through this website.  The music is downloaded immediately upon cart checkout on the site.

Stock music libraries are popular for soundtrack uses where a specially-commissioned or custom work is not needed or the budget for it is not available.  Custom music, written directly for a specific scene or introduction, carries a higher cost as does the licensing of a well-known piece of popular music.  These can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the fame or age of the music.  Stock music fills the gap offering a soundtrack solution for the more budget conscious production.

The UniqueTracks Stock Music Library carries a broad selection of stock contemporary music styles offering a vast selection of rock, jazz and electronica soundtracks.  We also carry a deep selection of stock classical music recordings featuring music by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach and other famous composers.

How is UniqueTracks different?
Our experience has led us to believe that the greatest challenge for customers on sites like ours is managing the speed of the search process.  Reducing the time it takes to find workable music is the main thrust of our site.  To that end, we do not offer a library of hundreds of thousands of tracks.  Rather, our library is somewhat narrow, with each track having to pass an ‘ear test’ as to its functionality as soundtrack.  We hope that by raising the quality/functionality bar at the outset, you will reduce the time it takes to find the track you need.